May 20, 2019

Linen Napkins

Last week I dug through our fabric stash and found two good sized pieces of scrap linen to turn into napkins.  It was a simple project using materials on hand that may help us save a little money on paper products in the future.

Cynar and I have been talking a bit about how we want to handle Astrid's summer break, and then into fall.  It's been a challenge managing on one income for the past couple of years, and we know our current situation is not sustainable long term.  But summer is nearing and neither of us is comfortable leaving Astrid home alone for long days, so for now we are looking at ways to cut costs a little bit more.  Cloth napkins and homegrown veggies can help.  Better for us.  Better for the Earth.

I finally got the nerve up to clear out my raised bed.  Two years worth of weeds and grass had settled in for a stay.  It was no small task, and I was definitely feeling it next day!  But I'm so glad I did it.  It will feel so good to have something growing again.  My tomato starts are sprouting, and will be ready to go out in a few weeks.

My Lola is coming along nicely.  This is the second time I made it this far...the first I noticed some missing yarn overs (oops) and ended up frogging what I had done.  Apparently I was asleep at the wheel that day.  But!  Things seem to be moving along now.  I've learned my lesson about trying to knit when I'm just too tired.

I hope everyone had a lovely Mother's Day!

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