April 1, 2019

Green Sweater WIP

The spring making energy has indeed been spreading through the house!

Cynar's puttering in the basement turned into testing leather dyes, which turned into a new belt.  The belt blank was one he pulled from his stash, and the buckle was salvaged a couple of years ago from an old belt.  Astrid has been thinking leathercrafting as well.  She has drawn up designs for a new mask.  It should be fairly interesting if they can figure out how to make it work.

I think I might be getting the hang of this DPN thing (hopefully I didn't just jinx it!).  I made it passed the seed stitching on the sleeve, which was my roadblock on previous attempts.  I'm having my doubts that it will work out to be giftable, but the experience gained with DPN's makes the time worth it.

...and I may already be scrolling the craft blog archives for my next project. :D

Linked up to Crafting On.  And Yarn Along.


  1. I always knit sleeves flat (even if they are written in the round) because dpns just drive me nuts! I did learn magic loop, which is marginally better, but I'd rather just seam a flat sleeve and enjoy the process. Glad you have got the hang of it!!

    The leatherwork is so cool!! (Future ideas...)

    1. I may need to look into this magic loop thing. I keep hearing good things.

      Glad to have inspired you!