March 27, 2019

A Taste of Spring

Happy spring all!

It would appear that my knitting has taken on its own little taste of spring.  It was really not intentional that my projects are each their own shade of pastel.

My first shawl is coming along nicely, with about 25 rows left to go, but it's going much slower now that they are so long.  I can only get to a couple of rows at a time these days.

On Saturday I ended up with an unexpected afternoon home with Astrid, so we sat for a spell, each working on our own project...hers art, mine craft.  I pulled some DK from stash and started my *third* attempt at this sweater.  So far, so good...but I'm not getting too excited yet.  It's really the sleeves that give me so much trouble so we have to see how it goes.  My fingers have just not found their way with DPNs yet.

With the warmer weather comes a return of creative energy.  Even Cynar wandered his way down to the basement to putter with his leathercrafting supplies.  There's been talk of cleaning out the Florida porch for foamsmithing work.  I've been eyeing my completely overgrown garden bed.

We've made it through another winter folks!  ...and with a sigh of relief we look ahead to the new season and begin the work of the new year.

If you're like me and still trying to figure out what you want to work toward this year, you may enjoy this post I stumbled into recently:  How To Set Homestead Goals You'll Actually Achieve 


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March 7, 2019

My First Shawl WIP

It's been a relatively quiet handful of days.  Everyone is just plain ready for the winter to be over, waiting out this latest (and hopefully last) Arctic blast. 

I started my first shawl on Saturday while Astrid and Cynar were at Dagorhir practice.  This is The Simple Yet Effective Shawl in some goldenrod dyed wool from Ginny.   You may recognize the fiber from that sad little sock attempt I made many moons ago.  I just so happened to have exactly the right yardage, so it came out of the stash.

Cynar is headed downtown after work for a guys night, so I am in for an evening of clothes shopping with Astrid, Mediterranean food, and some more knitty time!

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