August 13, 2018

Grey Baby Hat and Changes Ahead

Summer has been humming along with the usual family busyness.  Swim lessons and sleepovers filled the month of July, with only a tiny bit of crafting in the mix.  I finished up a couple of little hats for my nephew, who turns one next month.  I haven't picked up a new project since, but not from lack of want.  I've had my eye open, but haven't yet found a project that I love.  A few good ones, yes...but nothing that really speaks to me.  I suppose I am getting more selective in my age, as I find myself less willing to sweat and toil over a project I don't absolutely love.  The irony is that the absence of a new project caught me stumbling back toward that old sock.  I think I started the thing a year ago, knitting only a handful of frustrated rows before setting is aside.  Well, it's only a few rows longer now.  I might be a senior citizen before it is finished.  Must keep looking for that must-make pattern...

Earlier this year we made the decision not to continue homeschooling in the fall.  Astrid will be attending a school in the next city over, opening a few hours in my weekday.  For the first few months, my priority will be helping her adjust to the new routine, and the new expectations of her teachers.  The truth is that we have struggled these past three years to find our place in the local community, and neither of us has connected in a meaningful way.  If I could find a way to send her to school for social interaction, and keep her education here, we both would prefer it.  There are so many things about homeschool that we will miss, especially sharing and discussing books.  I'm hoping we can continue that somehow.  She is excited about the adventure of something new, meeting new people with common interests, and expanding her world.  I am inspired by her courage, stepping out into the unknown.

I'm also looking forward to those few hours each day.  I'm not sure what is on the horizon for me, but I would like to spend a little time, while she settles in, enjoying a few quiet read, to craft, to bake bread, and have a little more to share with you here.  <3