January 30, 2018

Playing Around

Look!  Actual knitting!

I couldn't control myself with all of that spring-like weather last week.  I had the bug to get moving on something.  I'm not sure if I am going to complete the project, as it was a bit of a whim, and I'm not familiar with this kind of work.  But!  There was actual knitting happening!  It looks like a thumb, doesn't it?  I promise you it is not.  :)

Even though the cold is set to return soon, I can still enjoy the lengthening days.  Midwinter is around the corner, and we will be pulling out of the cold and dark in a handful of weeks.  My mind has definitely turned to spring planning.  I have already laid out demands (in my sweetest voice) that we have more backyard fires this year, and Astrid has mentioned bike rides about a hundred times.

In the meantime, I might toy with this a little more, and take a stab at something for the newest addition to the family.  I've heard a rumor that baby things are fun to knit.  The best part is that if I mess up, he won't care!  :D

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