January 10, 2018

Joie De Vivre

We have rolled back into a regular school schedule without too much fuss.  The winter weather adds the extra challenges of bad driving conditions and a general lack of desire to leave the house.  In truth, this time of year is one that I suffer through, counting the weeks until spring.  Astrid and I have  been staying warm at home as much as possible.

I've been keeping myself distracted with thoughts of a warm French countryside, cool breezes, and farmer's markets.  Most people don't know that I have a little thing for French country.  It all sounds so romantic.  *sigh*  This book, Joie De Vivre focuses mainly on food culture, their meals, gardens and markets.  The chapter on breakfast has inspired a spring plan to clean out our enclosed back porch and put in a little breakfast nook.  I am daydreaming of summer breakfasts in the fresh air, enjoying the sunrise.

Instead of resolutions or elaborate goals for New Year's, I wrote a quick list of a few things I wanted to work on, with the intention of adding to the list as I am able to complete them.  My original list was three books and two knitting projects.  Joie De Vivre is the second book of the three, and I am thinking I had better get started on some knitting soon.  I found this baby alpaca that I purchased last summer, and then set aside to work on shower gifts.  So maybe there is something brown and pink in my future?


"A simple and pleasant breakfast lifts you right into the day's activities with a gentle boost that's like a pat on the back as you go out the door."
- Robert Arbor

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