August 16, 2017


This morning, when I took a moment to survey my surroundings, I discovered that I was surrounded by yarn, tossed randomly about me, in varying stages of project completion. It's been a long time since I have been this engaged in the craft.  I have to admit, it feels really good.  I wouldn't mind finishing out the rest of the year (my life?) like this.

The foundation of the collection is my sad little yellow sock, still only a handful of rows.  It's starting to feel like part of the decor now.

It was eventually joined by a single, quiet skein of grey wool, to ease me back in after the frustration of said sock.  It has had a good swatching and has been cast-on, only to be set aside.

On Saturday, I am helping to host a baby shower for my sister-in-law.  I'm going to be an auntie!!  Of course, this required some sort of knitty item for game prizes.  These are Reversible Pips Dishcloths, not quite finished, made of Dishie.  Colors are Azure, Conch, and Honeydew.

The collection is rounded out by materials for an experiment I hope to start soon.  It arrived over a week ago, and is still in the plastic it came in.  Now that my mind is back in knitty mode, my body (and schedule) are struggling to keep up.

Hopefully I will have many more things to share in the near future!

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