July 14, 2017

Goodbye Gina

This week our family said goodbye to an old friend.

I met little Gina one afternoon a number of years ago when I spotted her across the street from our old home and called her over.  She slowly and gently stole our hearts.  At first she was a visiting friend, but soon after joined the family when her owner told us he planned to give her up for adoption.

Never before have I met an animal who loved people so much.  She was sweet, and snuggly and a whole lot of crazy...a perfect addition to our little family.

As happens to us all, her age began to take its toll.  She had developed a high blood pressure and a  degenerative bowel disease. She was showing markers for possible kidney and pancreatic issues.  While she remained her loving and affectionate self, she had lost her spunk.  We noticed a change a few weeks back and we knew it meant that her time was soon to come.

We miss her, and all of her fuzzy antics.  We used to joke that she thought she was a human, stealing our chairs and blankets, demanding cream with a commanding nod, beaming an order for food directly into our heads with the intensity of her stare.  As we settled in at night for a show or a chat she would sleep on the couch cushion next to Cynar, with her paws wrapped around his thigh as though he were some sort of stuffed animal.  Mr. Bear Snuggle Time.  She could read our emotions and seemed to have a few of her own. 

She was a strange and wonderful creature, and will never be forgotten.  <3