June 17, 2017

We Made It

Summer has definitely arrived, my friends.  It is in the low 80's outside as we approach Astrid's bedtime.  It seemed like we went from grey drizzly days to hot, steamy ones in a matter of only days.

The past week, the end of the school year, has been a busy one for us.  Anime Club, a visit with Nana, and getting ready for the sixth grade graduation ceremony.  Astrid's homeschool fellowship allows her to participate in all of the special events for her class, so she was able to walk the graduation with her school friends.  She fell in love with the TARDIS dress the moment she saw it, and it fit her beautifully.  It is such a perfect representation of who she is right now.

There has been some debate here recently on whether or not we want to continue homeschooling into middle school.  We would love for her to remain connected to this school, and these friends of hers, so we were thrilled to hear the school was extending their homeschool program through eighth grade.  We have committed to the fellowship for the next year, with the option of switching her full-time.  There is plenty of time to decide yet, so for now we are heading into summer with pool parties and sleepovers in mind.

Crafting has been at a bit of a standstill over the past couple of weeks, as I've been helping Cynar with a few things for Dagorhir.  The one exception being a quick and dirty surcoat, thrown together with some red linen I had on hand and turned out in less than 24 hours.  It has to be a personal record.  While the surcoat was lacking in the creative department, it did get me back into the right mental space.  I've been craft browsing again, for the first time in weeks.  Maybe something soon??

With all of the end-of-school and Dagorhir-project craziness of the past week, tonight is a night to truly chill out, take a deep breath, and relax.  Tomorrow I might look ahead into the week and see what awaits, but for right now I am savoring a calm, quiet summer night.

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