May 12, 2017

Herald's Surcoat

A couple of weeks back, our Dagorhir unit hosted an event at a nearby park.  Cynar volunteered to herald, which is Dag's version of a referee, and so proper garb was required.  The surcoat (sewn by me, of course) is 100% linen to keep him cool on hot summer days.  The pattern is here. Although the pattern doesn't call for it, I used french seams, and trimmed it with black bias.

Since then, there hasn't been much crafting at all around here, aside from that one sad attempt at sock knitting.  A spring cleaning bug settles in once in a while, and much energy is devoted to (attempting to) focus on schooling.  I've poked around the interweb crafty archives, but nothing has jumped out at me.  The focus board is bare.  It's just so beautiful outside!  I've been relaxing and just breathing in the fresh air whenever I can.  These days only last so long.  68 degrees and party cloudy?  Perfect.

We will be settling in soon for a very relaxed Friday evening, much needed after so many early mornings.  There is a possibility of rice pudding.  Yum!  And then a weekend full of friends and family; first a fun Dagorhir crafting event, and then a very special first Mother's Day in our family.

I hope you all have a beautiful weekend!

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