April 24, 2017

Fingerless Mitts

The last time I dropped in to say hello, we were deep into the season of chilly and wet.  Now the climate is just about spring perfect; 71 degrees and clear at the moment.  Perfect weather for working out in the yard, which is good because our backyard grass is at least a foot tall in places.  The trees are leafing out, and budding.  The cherry trees are already in bloom.  In a few more weeks we will be past the last frost, and it will be garden time.

True to the season, the April calendar filled itself up with the spring social engagements and activities that pull us out of the inward focus of winter.  A few weeks ago my April was open, but looking now, nearly every day is penciled in.  If this year follows the usual rhythm, we can expect a good level of activity until the heat of late July pushes us indoors.

With the shift in energy, came a shift in focus.  I've been spending much less time in front of this screen, for both blogs and games.  These fingerless mitts were finished up about a month ago, as my last winter focus board project, just a few days past my equinox goal.  The fiber comes from the same skein as my recent hat project.  The pattern is from this book.  They are knit flat and then seamed opposite the thumb.  Believe it or not, I finished these just a few days before Amanda posted up a pair of her own.  They came out just on the small side for me, though they do have some good stretch.  Astrid seemed to think they fit her better, and was happy to assume ownership.  Part of the delay in posting about them was the fact that I didn't know where she had squirreled them away!

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