February 12, 2017

First Entry

Like many things in life, I enjoy the idea of also shifting our food choices throughout the year, changing with the climate...eating with the seasons you might say.  My inner idealist dreams of the days when we would eat fully in harmony with this land, as true seasonal locavores. But the sensual side refuses to part with the tropical pleasures of coffee and chocolate.  Don't get me started on all the spices I would miss.  Compromises must be made.

Even without going fully local, I feel that shifting our food choices throughout the year is another small way that we can live more in tune with the natural rhythms.  I think our bodies call us in this direction anyway, craving light salads in summers, and warm, heavy stew in the winter months.  And with that, the idea was born...a seasonal recipe book, broken into the eight Sabbat seasons, and filled with recipes to keep us turning with the wheel.

I expect this project to be many years in the making...maybe even a lifetime.  Maybe it will exist as a living document, rolling forward in time as new tastes enter our lives.  Another handcrafted, one-of-a-kind work will be passed on.  And perhaps in the future it won't just contain food recipes, but others as well...for handmade soaps, or beauty products, natural fiber dyes or tinctures.  Anything and everything that we can and will craft.  All in one place.  I like the sound of that.

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