January 20, 2017

Make Art Your Alliance

It is still unusually warm here for the time of year, feeling more like early spring than midwinter.  Instead of inches of snow on the ground, we have cool rains bringing in the precipitation.  I can't help but wonder how this will effect this year's garden.  Still, I am counting my days until this month has passed and the light will return.

With Cynar starting training for his new position, we've been battling the exhaustion of a schedule shift.  As predicted though, the added structure has been a positive thing for all of us.  Once Cynar is out of the door for the day, we hit the books.  For a good part of the day my dining table looks like a library exploded all over it, not a problem I mind having.  We've been able to make great progress with lessons after a rocky start back, at least until today.  As the week has worn on, Astrid's mind has come to spend less time in lessons and more time in Middle Earth.  I can sympathize.  We are all very ready for the weekend.

One benefit of the new schedule is open time between lessons and dinner.  Of course, this is the time for chores and errands, but it is much more enjoyable with craft in hand.  My sweater was set aside for the week so I couldn't ruin it in my zombie tiredness.  Instead I started working with my Craftsy embroidery course, with thoughts on the possibility of adding runes, symbols and trim to some future project.  I honestly don't have anything specific in mind, but want to have the ability to work with it when inspiration strikes, another tool in the creative toolbox.

For us, this weekend is set aside for celebration.  My midwinter baby is turning twelve!  It is so hard to believe that she has been a part of our lives for so long, and yet it is as though she was always here.  We are so different, her and I, and it challenges me.  When I step back though, and think about who we all are, I can see how much I have learned from her, how much her presence has influenced me.  Her fearlessly creative nature and elaborate imagination have nudged me in so many new directions.  She lives in a beautiful and impossible world, all wrapped up in her mind.  We seem to be balanced opposites.  She lifts me up into unseen realms, and I attempt to ground her in reality.  I find myself wondering who she is becoming.

Sometimes I wonder who I am becoming.

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