January 30, 2017

Lazy Daisy

Now that we are nearly at Midwinter, the weather has finally taken notice.  The temps have dropped, and we are expecting a couple of inches of snow overnight.  For the most part, this season has been eerily mild.  Still, I find myself in the strange place of having the winter blahs and a strong urge for spring cleaning.  I would love to throw open all of the windows and let the fresh air and energy in.  We all could use a good dose of sunshine right now.

Midwinter also nearly marks the halfway point in our homeschooling year.  Yesterday afternoon, I found myself rummaging through the books, evaluating the plan, and feeling a bit stressed.  I wasn't ready to leap into another week of lessons feeling so unsure of the path, so we are taking a little break so I can get some things sorted.

I am also unsure of where I want to go with my knitting now that the sweater is finished.  I've been browsing my favorite craft blogs looking for inspiration.  In the meantime, I've been working through my Craftsy embroidery class, finishing the second of five panels.  It is a good thing I'm not really into floral motifs.  My lazy daisies could use some serious work.

Cynar is finishing up his training tomorrow, and will be moving fully into his new position later in the week.  I'm not really sure where the days are headed for the two of us at home.  It was so nice to have the day off from school today.  We definitely needed the break.  Lessons lately have felt a bit tedious, for both of us.  By Friday we are both sick of the whole thing.  We need a new approach.  So I guess these next couple of days will be about figuring out how to get through this second half of winter, anxiously awaiting the arrival of spring.

Crafting on... 



  1. I love the sampler. So bold and beautiful. I am just visiting your blog for the first time. We homeschool as well. And I love to garden! Looking forward to visiting more often. Good luck on the knitting!