January 10, 2017

Khakis and Dragon Eggs

"One is simultaneously circle, center, and the purest tone."
-Miranda Lundy

The winds are howling tonight, the air warm and wet.  The streets of this suburbia are full of slush and grime.  We are settled in now, me cozy and happy with dry socks and a fleece robe.  A little orange oil in my candle diffuser brings cheer to the atmosphere.  It was a sloppy, grey day.  Inches of snow melting and topped with rain, which is bound to freeze tonight in the wee hours.

Since the time I entered adulthood, January has always been my least favorite month.  The dark, cold, snowy days just drag on for me.  Everything feels like molasses.  Since Cynar isn't into moving any time soon, my only recourse is distraction.  Typically this involves books, crafts, and seed catalogs.  Today I managed with two of the three, plus a little shopping, and a Dragon Egg activity for Astrid at the library.

...and in those books I've found yet another new (old?) draw for 2017 in the art and science of mathematics.  Delving into Saxon with Astrid has reminded me of my love for the subject, which is somehow logical and creative, simple and complex, finite and infinite.  If you view it from the perspective of the Quadrivium, it can even be philosophic in nature.  I expect this also will find its way into my Craft.

My mother is having surgery tomorrow, followed by a full moon and then Friday the 13th.  Even if you aren't superstitious, you'd agree that the next few days will be unpredictable for all of us.  This whole month is really in flux for us with the surgery, Astrid starting back at homeschool fellowship, and Cynar getting set up for the new job.  The end of the month will probably look very different from the beginning, and lead us into a very different kind of year.

It's one I cannot help but look forward to.

Crafting on...

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