January 15, 2019

Baby Kimono WIP

I made it to the end of the second ball of yarn on the brown baby kimono, another project started for our father-to-be acquaintance.  In truth, the Gnomey hat happened because I got antsy waiting for my yarn shipment to arrive.  As one does.  And also...I found an old Joann's giftcard in my jewelry box, so more yarn!  I'm going to take another stab at that placket neck sweater, only this time in a toddler size.  It's been interesting trying to find DK weight lately.  This was the *only* DK sized yarn I could find in the store, and this is the least feminine color out of all of my options.  Slim pickin's.

Yesterday we attended an informational meeting for the high school Arts Academy run through our daughter's school district.  First of all...high school!  Ah hem.  And second, we were really impressed by the offerings available to the students.  They accept a limited number of incoming students, and selection is by lottery, so we will have to cross our fingers and see how it goes.  Astrid was really inspired by the meeting, and excited at the thought of getting in.  For now, we wait.

The weather has been mild, holding off on precipitation.  We've barely had a dusting of snow, which is unusual this late in the year.  But it's coming.  We are expected to get six inches of the stuff on Saturday.  If predictions are correct (which they rarely are), you can find me on the couch...under a blanket...knitting the sweater I may have cast on between starting this blog post and finishing it.

I have a problem.  :)

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January 10, 2019

The Gnomey Hat

This is a little something I threw together just before Christmas.  I found out that an old acquaintance is now a soon-to-be dad, and so I had to celebrate with yarn!

This is my version of The Gnomey Hat, pattern available for free on Ravelry.  The yarn is some Lion Brand that was gifted to me last Christmas.

We are all a little more sleep-deprived than usual this week, but it was for a good cause!  Or at least a fun one.  On Tuesday we headed into the city to see the Red Wings play at the new Little Caesars Arena.  It was my first time at the LCA and I can say I was quite impressed with the experience.

Looking forward to making some headway on my brown WIP this weekend, as well as picking up materials for a retry of the failed baby sweater.  Only this time it will have to be a toddler sweater.  Fortunately the patterns has a wide size range. :)  I *think*  I may have figured out my issue with the DPN's.

*crosses fingers*

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January 7, 2019


Happy New Year!

You know...I told myself at the beginning of the year that I wanted to be better about blogging my knitting projects in 2019, and here we are, a full week in, and I'm just coming around to it.  Oy!

The holidays brought me two knitty books (yey!), two yarny gift cards (yey!), a book on goats, a set of interchangeable needles (double yey!), and some extra time to stalk the yarn sites.  Darn Good!  Knit Picks! Did you guys see that the Quince Quarterly sold out in like two days?  ...and I'm thinking I may need to take some Blue Sky for a test knit.  Truthfully, I've been geeking out about yarn a little more than is healthy.

My hands have been with fiber a little more frequently since the weather started to turn.  I do have projects to share, just not pictures yet, so you'll have to settle for a sneak peak of my current WIP.  Can I just say how much I am loving tweed right now?  I may have to knit something with every color.  Even that weird orangey-red color.  But probably not pink.

We just came through the end-of-holiday-break crush of kiddie social events.  Everyone was trying to cram them in before the drudgery of the dark, dull wintertime grind kicked in.  On Saturday, our sleepover host asked if we could meet at her church instead of home, and we ended up hanging in for a very nice talk on the dangers of comparison, something I think we all fall prey to a little more easily in this season of New Year, New You!

If you are so inclined, you may enjoy checking it out...  :)

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November 15, 2018

Eighth Grade, Q1

Just a few scenes from our mid-fall shenanigans.  Both of the pumpkins were hand-drawn designs from their respective carvers (not me).  My pumpkins always end up with some goofy face that looks like the art of a four-year-old.

So...in lieu of that, I leave the carving to the masters, and use the time to clean, prep, and roast the pumpkin seeds.  That's really the best part of this whole circus anyway.

We never made it out to the apple orchard this year, but we did manage to make some homemade sauce with locally-grown apples from the market.  I've heard a rumor that you can freeze this stuff so you can have actual real fruit in winter instead of the mushy, tasteless citrus that passes for produce around here in January.  Maybe next year?

...and a breadmachine recipe test for Traditional White Bread.  I didn't actually do the tasting because of my Elimination Diet, but the fam approved.  They demolished the loaf in less than 48 hours.

This week I've spent a good part of my days on the phone with contractors discussing job scope, getting quotes, scheduling work for both the old and new houses.  The cold and snow came early this year, and now everyone is scrambling to finish before the onslaught of winter.  My next post will be full of snow photos.

Tomorrow I have set aside two *entire* hours to sit down with a book, my commonplace, and a cup of tea, as I impatiently wait for my child's first report card to roll in.  She has done well so far, and I'm excited to celebrate with her.  :)

November 5, 2018

Well hello!

So I guess it's been a minute, eh?

When last I posted the sun was high in the sky, a balmy summer day.  Now we scrape frost from our windshields and eat dinner after dark.   The Wheel keeps turning.

It appears that we have made it through the transition back to school relatively unscathed (so far).  Astrid has already made a few friends, and seems to have caught on to the school rhythm.  I've been using the time to *finally* finally make some headway on getting our old house sold, as well as beginning the slow process of sorting through my dad's things in the basement.  Don't worry...there is also time set aside for some reading and study.  I was serious about enjoying a bit of quiet.  An old interest caught my ear, so I've been reading here and there about the practices of the ancient people who lived by nature's cycles.  Imagine a world before clocks and alarms...living by the cycles of sun and moon, your fate inexorably linked to the fate of the land.  It's beautiful and terrifying.

Aside from the study, I've been in a bit of a dry spell with personal projects, until recently.  Now there are four....no, wait...count that five projects on my list.   At the rate that I knit, this should keep me busy at least until spring.  First stop was to the LYS, where I treated myself to a little something from Juniper Moon Farms.

The past week has been filled with activities for Halloween/Samhain, and we were blessed to be able to get away for the weekend to celebrate our anniversary.  With that behind us, we begin the sweet descent into the holidays.  This really is my favorite time of year.  <3

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August 13, 2018

Grey Baby Hat and Changes Ahead

Summer has been humming along with the usual family busyness.  Swim lessons and sleepovers filled the month of July, with only a tiny bit of crafting in the mix.  I finished up a couple of little hats for my nephew, who turns one next month.  I haven't picked up a new project since, but not from lack of want.  I've had my eye open, but haven't yet found a project that I love.  A few good ones, yes...but nothing that really speaks to me.  I suppose I am getting more selective in my age, as I find myself less willing to sweat and toil over a project I don't absolutely love.  The irony is that the absence of a new project caught me stumbling back toward that old sock.  I think I started the thing a year ago, knitting only a handful of frustrated rows before setting is aside.  Well, it's only a few rows longer now.  I might be a senior citizen before it is finished.  Must keep looking for that must-make pattern...

Earlier this year we made the decision not to continue homeschooling in the fall.  Astrid will be attending a school in the next city over, opening a few hours in my weekday.  For the first few months, my priority will be helping her adjust to the new routine, and the new expectations of her teachers.  The truth is that we have struggled these past three years to find our place in the local community, and neither of us has connected in a meaningful way.  If I could find a way to send her to school for social interaction, and keep her education here, we both would prefer it.  There are so many things about homeschool that we will miss, especially sharing and discussing books.  I'm hoping we can continue that somehow.  She is excited about the adventure of something new, meeting new people with common interests, and expanding her world.  I am inspired by her courage, stepping out into the unknown.

I'm also looking forward to those few hours each day.  I'm not sure what is on the horizon for me, but I would like to spend a little time, while she settles in, enjoying a few quiet moments...to read, to craft, to bake bread, and have a little more to share with you here.  <3